Introducing My Friends Part 1: Captain Kyle Buck

Whether it’s vertical jigging for walleyes on the Detroit River or running a charter boat out of Muskegon, Captain Kyle does it well. He also fishes the Muskegon River and the White River for salmon and steelhead in the fall and early spring.

Capt. Kyle has been a good friend of mine for a number of years, and has been a friend to Sport Fish Michigan just as long. Kyle has always managed to get fish in the boat—whether trolling, jigging, or fishing the rivers for salmon and steelhead, and we’ve always managed to fill our boat with laughter and jokes as well, which is just as much a part of having a great fishing experience as the fishing. Kyle is a Michigan native, and understands the waters he fishes.

In March and early April, Capt. Kyle fishes the Muskegon River and Grand River for steelhead. Spawn under a float, back bouncing spawn bags, or using a center pin rod, are just a couple of the techniques preferred by Kyle. As the waters warm, the Detroit River and its world-class walleye run are the focus of Kyle’s attention. Summer is prime trolling time for big king salmon, and Muskegon is the homeport to Kyle and his Lake Michigan salmon boat. Big catches of salmon are the norm, and Kyle is once again, master of his domain. We’re proud to have Captain Kyle Buck and his knowledge of our Michigan waters on our Sport Fish Michigan team, and are glad to call him a close friend.

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