Dress Warmly to Feel More Bites and Avoid Freezing

During mid winter steelhead fishing trips, it’s not uncommon to freeze.

Seriously, though, good clothing can really make the difference in feeling like an icicle or decently warm. I’ve found that when I have clients for my Manistee River Salmon Guide Service, dressing for the occasion can be a real lifesaver. Literally. Feeling warm can not only help make for a much more pleasant day on the water, but it can also help in detecting subtle steelhead bites. Whether I’m fishing on the Manistee River, the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River, or the Betsie River, I’ve found that when I’m concentrating harder on feeling cold than my fishing, it’s much harder to detect the very light bites winter steelhead are known for.

Dressing in layers is crucial, and dressing in breathable materials is also crucial. When I leave the house for cold weather fishing, I may look like the Michelin Man, but at least I’m warm when I get those bites!

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