Happy Valentine’s Day

I was reflecting the other day on how lucky I am to have such a supportive wife and family. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and I’d like to send out a special Valentine’s Day message to my best friend and wife: Thanks for being you, allowing me to be me.

Without her daily support, it would be nearly impossible for me to operate one, let alone two busy fishing guide businesses, Traverse City Bass and Manistee River Salmon. Getting up before the crack of dawn on a daily basis, often staying up late into the night pouring custom plastics, tying spawn sacks, curing salmon spawn or pouring jigheads and drop shot weights normally would come as a heavy price to pay in terms of a marriage.

Thankfully, my wife is understanding. Not only of my fishing obsession, but my break-neck guide schedule. And the fact that I constantly smell fishy! So here’s to my fantastic wife and best friend: Thank you for putting up with me and for everything that you do. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hooting and Hollering

One of the most exhilarating and addicting experiences I’ve had the great privilege to be able to live over and over is that of seeing the true joy of my customers catching fish (http://www.traversebass.com/photos). Whether it’s their first fish, their biggest fish, their most fish, it makes no difference. I love the feeling I get when a customer is able to share their fishing experience with me. This is part of what makes my being a guide so rewarding. Continue reading