Up for a Challenge

I’m always up for a challenge. Not to say that I wouldn’t like things to go smoothly and easily, but when it comes down to it, I try to rise to the occasion and take on the challenges that come my way head-on. As a busy fishing guide, there are plenty of challenges. Let’s be clear, though–we’re talking about challenges that are nothing when compared to some of the life’s challenges that many people face on a daily basis. My challenges are putting deserving customers on fish, dealing with wind, dealing with heavy seas at times, dealing with boat issues. Again, these are nothing when compared to the true challenges in life. Continue reading

Dress for success

I had a customer a few years back that came up to fish with me during a real cold spell early in the smallmouth season. It was early May, and the water temps were perfect for big pre-spawn females. Sadly, a nasty cold front dropped in just prior to this particular customer’s visit. In early May, this isn’t uncommon, and I really tried to stress how important it was to dress in layers. “Bring some fleece to layer up with,” I kept repeating. Continue reading

Coffee, customers and bass fishing

An interesting trend the past few years has been the inclusion of coffee scent and/or grounds into soft plastics. Strike King Lure Company first came up with this concept, and there are a couple of theories swirling about how it actually came about. Suffice it to say, however it happened, it’s here, and probably here to stay. Continue reading

Spring can be awesome and yet frustrating

I absolutely love springtime. Winter is beginning to lose its icy grip, and early blooming flowers are beginning to bud. The air is still chilly, but the promise of spring is unquestionable. Longer days, more sunshine and southerly breezes get me itching to get out on the water. Cabin fever is also hopefully a thing of the past. Continue reading

Hooting and Hollering

One of the most exhilarating and addicting experiences I’ve had the great privilege to be able to live over and over is that of seeing the true joy of my customers catching fish (http://www.traversebass.com/photos). Whether it’s their first fish, their biggest fish, their most fish, it makes no difference. I love the feeling I get when a customer is able to share their fishing experience with me. This is part of what makes my being a guide so rewarding. Continue reading