Learn More about Sport Fish Michigan

Learn more about Sport Fish Michigan and its services throughout the state of Michigan as explained by owner Capt. Ben Wolfe, and as seen on the Lindner’s Angling Edge television show “Coho Mania.”

Sight Casting for Pre-Spawn Smallmouth Bass

Captain Ben Wolfe discusses and demonstrates sight casting for pre-spawn smallmouth bass, including casting to isolated structure. Michigan’s beautiful, clear waters create remarkable bass sight fishing opportunities. Learn more about the Jika Rigs used in this video.

Spring can be awesome and yet frustrating

I absolutely love springtime. Winter is beginning to lose its icy grip, and early blooming flowers are beginning to bud. The air is still chilly, but the promise of spring is unquestionable. Longer days, more sunshine and southerly breezes get me itching to get out on the water. Cabin fever is also hopefully a thing of the past. Continue reading