Indispensable tools

As a full-time fishing guide, it’s very possible (and some would argue, inevitable), that I’m going to experience a mechanical breakdown. I try to meticulously maintain everything that I can on the boats and, despite my best efforts, at some point I know something will go awry. However, we don’t need to be up the proverbial creek when this does happen. One important aspect of proper maintenance is ensuring that when things do go wrong, they aren’t the catastrophic mechanical breakdowns that can be costly and even dangerous. A cheap enrollment in a towing program with Boat US is a great idea. I enroll in their services myself, in case should I find the need to call for a tow while out on the water, or even when I’m towing my boats.

On my boats, I always carry a few essentials in addition to all of the required US Coast Guard safety equipment. I carry two marine radios (only 1 is required), and I make sure that their batteries are fully charged. Also, I make sure that I pack at least 2 flashlights. These days, I have a big Maglite plus a headlamp, which is truly remarkable in its own right. Spare marine fuses and a basic tool kit are also must-have equipment on my boats. The one thing that I carry in my truck as well as in the boats are the rechargeable battery jump starters that are widely available in auto stores and places like Sears. The model that I carry not only has the ability to jump-start a dead cranking battery, but can also inflate tires, which is why it’s an essential piece of safety equipment in my truck and boat. Best of all, it doesn’t weigh a ton, nor does it take up much room in a storage compartment.

Mechanical breakdowns emergencies generally happen when we don’t want them to happen, but a few simple and inexpensive tools and items can help save the day. Trust me on this!

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