Talking steelhead with John Simms

On my recent trip to Montana to attend the Simms Ice Out Guide Event, I had the great pleasures of speaking a couple of times with John Simms, the founder of Simms Fishing Products. The first was over a relaxed drink in the sun with John and his wife at the Gallatin River Lodge. Although John is no longer the owner (he sold the company to KC Walsh), it was a real treat to talk with him about his life, hear some of his many stories, and share with him my own thoughts and stories.

The second occasion to speak was at the conclusion of the Simms Ice Out Guide Event. Our discussions over a beer expanded by more story telling and more talk of steelhead, especially Great Lakes steelhead. Maybe one day I can convince John to make a trek out to northern Michigan to share a boat with me, fishing for steelhead. It really may not be that far-fetched of a notion, considering that John said repeatedly that he’d love to do it.

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