Power Pole Launch

Using my 2 Power Pole XLs make launching and retrieving my Ranger Z-520 a breeze, which is awesome during a busy guide season. Their remote control deployment system allows me to secure my boat at the dock, right from my truck, making it that much simpler for me and for my Traverse City Bass Guide Service customers. I have found that use of my Power Poles to be truly invaluable, and they pay dividends when I launch my boat to begin a guide day. The simplicity of the system helps to get me and my customers out fishing that much more quickly. Here’s a short video clip that I sped up to show just how easy it is to use Power Poles to launch a boat.

Highest Compliments and Thanks

One of the highest compliments that I feel that I can receive as a fishing guide is a customer booking a return trip. Sure, there are many things that I truly appreciate, as the owner of Traverse City Bass Guide Service, including customer reviews that I can post to my web site, customer referrals, gratuities, etc. but to me, the ultimate is the opportunity to fish with a customer on a repeat basis. This means that hopefully, I showed that particular customer a good enough time that they want to come out again. Given the nature of the business, and that we are located in Traverse City, it isn’t always easy to arrange fishing trips from as far as some of my repeat customers are from. And given the huge choice of so many wonderful travel destinations, the fact that the customer chose to come back not only to Traverse City, but to also fish with me again is just plain awesome! I’ve had customers from California, Oklahoma, quite a few from Texas and Florida, Canada… and the list goes on. I’ve even had a customer from Guam. That was a fun trip. Continue reading